Bremelanotide PT-141 Study – Potential Use


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Bremelanotide is a compound that is currently under investigation for its potential uses in managing reperfusion injury, female sexual dysfunction or hemorrhagic shock. The chemical may also see success in managing modulate inflammation or limiting the effects of ischemia.

Study – Potential Use Erectile Dysfunction

One study has explored the potential use of bremelanotide as a replacement for natural peptide melanocyte stimulating hormones for the sake of treating erectile dysfunction.

  • The goal of this study was to determine if the effects of bremelanotide stimulating sexual desire that was shown in male rats could be replicated in the brains of female rats. To do this, hormone primed female rats in a control group and a test group that were treated with bremelanotide and known to have consummatory sexual disorders was introduced to a group of male rats and the reactions were measured.
  • Heart racing, hops and darts, pacing and customary sexual behaviors were assessed while the brain was stimulated. The stimulation of specific molecular markers within the brain was examined to determine arousal in the female subjects.
  • Results indicated that the females saw an increase in sexual behavior when bremelanotide was applied to the limbic and hypothalamic regions of their brains. It is suggested that this was because the chemical that stimulated the mPOA terminals, leading to activated dopamine in the brain.

Additional study is necessary to determine the extent of the effects bremelanotide has on the brain and natural stimulating chemicals. Research companies buy bremelanodtide in our online store located right here at

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