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Long r3 igf-1 is a polypeptide amino acid that is a synthetic version of a natural chemical found in an animal’s body. In animals, HGH is converted to igf 1 in the liver, then used as a glucose disposal agent as needed throughout the body. Igf1 lr3 is designed to mimic the effects of this natural peptide for use in experimental settings.

There are several igf peptides hat that are used for a variety of applications. When you are buying your peptides from a dealer online, it is important to ensure that you are purchasing igf 1 lr3 rather than a similar peptide to guarantee the results of your laboratory testing.

It is also important to work with a vendor that works strictly in laboratory vending to ensure that the quality of your product will meet purity standards necessary for accurate experimentation.

Chemical Information

The peptide igf 1 lr3 is designed to mimic the size and structure of insulin, but belongs to the growth factor family.

  • Natural versions of igf lr3 in animals are released in the presence of HGH to help the body manage insulin and it is believed to encourage primary muscle growth.
  • Igf 1 lr3 is considered to be highly anabolic which may affect its ability to interact with HGH.
  • Igf1 is also known to promote protein synthesis and nitrogen retention. This may cause muscle growth or and an increase in the number of muscle cells and muscle fibers in animals.

Some studies have indicated that injecting igf 1 lr3 into an animal causes the animal to burn fat more effectively by increasing neuro function. However, igh lr3 is found to be significantly more effective in creating these results. Studies are ongoing to determine how these chemicals interact with the natural chemicals in animals to create these effects at an optimum level, or the side effects these chemicals may have on the animals’ bodies.

Long R3 IGF Differences

A similar polypeptide, long r2 ifg-1 should not be confused with igf 1 lr3, though they have similar molecular and structural properties.

  • Igf 1 is largely active in animals that are still developing, while r3 igf is more prominent in adult animals.
  • Igf 1 largely affects the repair or growth of muscle tissue and has a very short half-life, only about 20 minutes.

Lr3 was developed for long term research because it prevents the deactivation of binding proteins in the blood. This extends the half-life of the chemical to around 20 hours, which makes it more suitable for experiments that will require multiple rounds of testing or a more effective chemical reaction.

Given the synthetic nature of igf 1 lr3, most versions of this chemical do not contain fillers, but some vendors may add stabilizers to the chemical if it will be in storage for long periods of time. Make sure that any dealer you work with does not add these chemicals to your peptides as this can alter the way the peptides behave when applied in your experiment.

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