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We are very up front about our peptide and research chemical purity standards. You can find independent test results (that we have paid non biased entities to preform) on all of our most popular peptides and chemicals by clicking here.

Peptide purity is serious business, when you purchase Aicar from Extreme Peptides you are getting a product that has survived the strictest quality control standards.

 What is peptide purity?

There can be significant variations in the composition of peptides. So how do you know if a peptide is ‘pure’ or not? Purity can have many meanings, but in this setting we are talking about chemical purity, defined as the degree to which a substance is undiluted or unmixed with extraneous material. This measurement is typically expressed as a percentage. For example, if the percentage is 100%, no other chemicals or compounds are present. If the percentage is 50%, about half of the peptide’s composition is diluted with other substances.

As the world’s most popular purveyor of research peptides and chemicals, purity is a big deal to Extreme Peptide. We hope to portray our commitment to peptide purity with this brief explanation on how to digest our quality control tests.

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