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GHRP-6 includes an unnatural D-amino acid chain. It is a hexapeptide that has a 6 amino acid chain. This peptide was developed to use in experiments that required, specifically GH secretagogues. This particular peptide is capable of stimulating GH in a natural setting, which many artificial peptides are not capable of producing. The unique amino acid structure of this peptidecan blocks somatostatin. There are several suppliers that offer GHRP-6 in quantities that have been carefully measured for use in laboratory settings. Research quality GHRP-6 should be carefully inspected to ensure that it is not impure or contains any fillers, such as mannitol that could throw off the results of your study. Fast processing is also essential to ensure that your peptides arrive in a reasonable amount of time to begin your experiment.

Dedicated Research GHRP-6 Suppliers

Ordering GHRP-6 from a dedicated research service ensures a product that is high in quality, guaranteeing that it will be suitable for a wide range of laboratory applications.

  • Seek out a supplier that offers 99 percent pure GHRP-6 that has no binding agents or fillers that could affect the quality of your experiment.
  • All products should be clean and professionally packaged to prevent potential contamination of the product during transit.
  • Large quantities of GHRP-6 should come in a resalable container that can be stored in cold temperatures to ensure stability of the product.

Be sure to follow any instructions from your supplier regarding the shipping and storage of your GHRP-6 supply. If stored in an improper environment the peptide may break down and lose its effectiveness, which may impact the results of your experiment.

Technical Data


  • GHRP-6 in animal studies has been used to simulate conditions created by certain diseases for study.
  • Specifically, GHRP-6 is used to block somatostatin that will inhibit the natural release hormones in animals.

While they are similar in function, this peptide is different from GHRH and will not act as a receptor for GHRH. Instead, GHRP-6 acts as a receptor for secretagogue, which has not been re-named a ghrelin receptor. In animal studies, GHRP-6 is usually applied as a means of stimulating the anterior pituitary gland. Studies are currently ongoing to determine how GHRP-6 affects the production of GH as well as its impact on an animal’s central nervous system, particularly as the strength of the exposure to GHRP-6 increases. These studies have not yet cleared the use of GHRP-6 in humans, nor revealed appropriate dosing for this product.

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