Extreme Peptide launches custom protein expression!

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custom protein

Extreme Peptide has been meeting the needs of clients since 2011. The foundation of our company has been the ability to offer a high quality product, to exact specifications and in a manner that ensures the highest accuracy for your research.  We have compiled a catalog of many standard research proteins and peptides; and we’re adding more every week. All products are available from our website.  Start with the appropriate category (proteins, epidermal growth factors, insulin growth factors, etc.), and search from there.

Is your project more complex? Do you require a high level of confidentiality? Does your organization require proteins expressed and scaled to exact specifications with documentation outlining exact processes and conditions? 

Through our strategic partnerships with some of the world’s leading peptide and chemical manufacturers we are able to offer you viable cost effective solutions to ensure the success of your projects


    1) Protein expression through proprietary software which provide us with the optimal sequence to meet your needs.

    2) An array of purification techniques to meet and exceed your purity requirements.

    3) HPLC,MS,SDS-page and Certificates of analysis are provided upon delivery. 

    4) Flexible and scalable solutions to satisfy your requirements without draining your budget.

    5) Purified proteins free of endotoxins and ready to use in your assays. 

    6) A reasonable production time with a very high level of success.

    7) An understanding and knowledgeable staff who will work hard to meet your needs.


A partnership with Extreme Peptide ensures that you have a professional support team capable of understanding your requirements and delivering custom solutions on specification, on time, and on budget. If you are interested in our protein expression or peptide synthesis services please contact us so that we can discuss your specific needs. We appreciate your interest in our products and services, and we look forward to a long and successful relationship.

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