Buy Mod GRF 1-29 And It’s Specific Origins

(Click here to read our disclaimer) Buy Mod GRF 1-29 For 25% OffModified grf 1-29 was originally sold under the name tetrasubstitued grf (1-29). Some research facilities may still be using this name for the sake of consistency with previous research which can cause some confusion for buyers. Both of these identifiers are used to refer to a 29 amino acid peptide. This is a modified version of this functional fragment that is typically abbreviated to growth releasing factor or grf 1-29. It is also marketed under the name sermorelin. Mod grf is designed to replace the 2nd, 8th, 15h and 27th amino acids in this peptide sequence. These amino acids in the grf 1-29 sequence will yield a modified grf (1-29) sequence, with an approximate half-life of 30 minutes. This peptide is applied during animal research to increase the presence of hormones and the animal’s production of these hormones by binding to the hormone receptors. Want to buy buy modified grf 1-29 online? Click here to buy modified grf 1-29 in our store!

Specific Origins of GRF 1-29

The initial 29 amino acids were discovered to be just as potent as the total 44 amino acid structure that animals naturally produce.

  • Subsequent production of this fragment came to be known as grf 1-29 but the rapid metabolic clearance of grf 1-29 was synthesized in order to enhance the biological activity of the animal while rapidly allowing for metabolic clearance.
  • Grf 1-29 was designed to substitute the amino acids in the natural peptide structure with those that would be more resistant to the inevitable enzymatic cleavage.
  • Additional substitution has allowed grf 1-29 to be altered to crease a variety of half-life conditions that can be customized to address the needs of the specific animal in which the synthesized amino acid is being applied.

Grf 1-29 was first mentioned in the use of tetrasubtitued research during a 2005 study which was designed to better understand the structures of this peptide. The specific notations referred to the structure of grf 1-29 when the 2nd, 8th, 15th and 27th amino acids had been replaced with alternative structures. In 2008, DatBtrue created the official term modified grf 1-29 to refer to tetrasubstitued grf in articles that would be published for the public. Since this time, this has become the standard reference on both public and private nomenclature. Modified grf (1-29) is designed to act as a synthetic modification of factors with substitutions of gln, d-ala, ala and leu. These allow the peptide an increased stability, which encourages additional chemical synthesis. This peptide is soluble in water or in 1 percent acetic acid for intravenous applications on animal test subjects. The increased stability of the synthetic peptide allows for storage at 2-8 degrees Celsius but those that plan to use this peptide for long term research applications should desiccate the peptide and store it at -20 degrees Celsius.


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Buy GHRP-6 From Dedicated Research Suppliers

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GHRP-6 includes an unnatural D-amino acid chain. It is a hexapeptide that has a 6 amino acid chain. This peptide was developed to use in experiments that required, specifically GH secretagogues. This particular peptide is capable of stimulating GH in a natural setting, which many artificial peptides are not capable of producing. The unique amino acid structure of this peptidecan blocks somatostatin. There are several suppliers that offer GHRP-6 in quantities that have been carefully measured for use in laboratory settings. Research quality GHRP-6 should be carefully inspected to ensure that it is not impure or contains any fillers, such as mannitol that could throw off the results of your study. Fast processing is also essential to ensure that your peptides arrive in a reasonable amount of time to begin your experiment.

Dedicated Research GHRP-6 Suppliers

Ordering GHRP-6 from a dedicated research service ensures a product that is high in quality, guaranteeing that it will be suitable for a wide range of laboratory applications.

  • Seek out a supplier that offers 99 percent pure GHRP-6 that has no binding agents or fillers that could affect the quality of your experiment.
  • All products should be clean and professionally packaged to prevent potential contamination of the product during transit.
  • Large quantities of GHRP-6 should come in a resalable container that can be stored in cold temperatures to ensure stability of the product.

Be sure to follow any instructions from your supplier regarding the shipping and storage of your GHRP-6 supply. If stored in an improper environment the peptide may break down and lose its effectiveness, which may impact the results of your experiment.

Technical Data


  • GHRP-6 in animal studies has been used to simulate conditions created by certain diseases for study.
  • Specifically, GHRP-6 is used to block somatostatin that will inhibit the natural release hormones in animals.

While they are similar in function, this peptide is different from GHRH and will not act as a receptor for GHRH. Instead, GHRP-6 acts as a receptor for secretagogue, which has not been re-named a ghrelin receptor. In animal studies, GHRP-6 is usually applied as a means of stimulating the anterior pituitary gland. Studies are currently ongoing to determine how GHRP-6 affects the production of GH as well as its impact on an animal’s central nervous system, particularly as the strength of the exposure to GHRP-6 increases. These studies have not yet cleared the use of GHRP-6 in humans, nor revealed appropriate dosing for this product.

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