Scammers: South African Extreme Peptides Is A Fraud – Not Legit!

south african extreme peptides

south african extreme peptides

Do not buy from – you will get ripped off!

It has been brought to our attention that there is a rouge Extreme Peptide site operating out of South Africa.

Upon visiting the site it should be obvious that this site is NOT affiliated with us.

  • The site design is absolutely terrible, they did a poor job at mocking our brand.
  • The product selection they offer does not line up to our huge selection of peptides and research chemicals.
  • It has been reported to us that they are not shipping orders that they are receiving payment for.

Not only is the “Extreme Peptides South Africa” site not an authorized retailer of our peptides, they are also ripping off our loyal customer base.

We hope that you find this post before you find that site if you are looking to buy peptides in South Africa.

The real Extreme Peptide site (this one) ships to South Africa. If you need peptides or research chemicals and you live in that region, please visit our homepage and buy your peptides from the proper source.

We are taking the proper action to have the site removed (if possible) through legal channels.